"The Exorcist" debuted its season 1 on Fox this year. It is a horror show, much like the original movie. The Rance family deals with demonic possession at its worst and turns to a priest for help. Father Tomas recruits the help of an exorcist, Father Marcus. Through season 1 we saw the two work together to save one of the Rance's daughters from the demon, only to have it enter the mom.

The series is gripping. Many viewers have stuck with it all the way through and post regularly on social media.

At the premiere of the season, however, the viewership was 2.85 million. The numbers for the season finale aren't available yet but the week prior the number of viewers dropped to 1.66 million. While still a good number of viewers for a Friday night series, the number represents a major drop from the premiere.

As for the speculation of future of "The Exorcist," the statements being made are positive. There has even been a trailer released for a possible season 2. The creator of the show, Jeremy Slater is hoping to have a chance to bring back the show for a second season.

In an interview with Deadline, Slater said the when making the show the goal was to put 10 hours of a story together into equal installments. He wanted those 10 episodes to tell a whole story and have a conclusion. He isn't a fan of cliffhangers so that was never his intent for the finale. His plan is to have seasons of individual stories with Father Tomas and Father Marcus as the key players. This doesn't mean we have seen the last of the Rance family.

As survivors of the demonic horror, they will always have a place in future stories.

American viewers are horror fans. That has been proven time and time again. The following of "American Horror Story" is a great example. Even during a season when most fans are unhappy with the show they will continue to tune in each week and stick around until the end. Fox may have found their horror show that will take them to the top.

With Jeremy Slater's plans to bring new stories each season while keeping the priests, he may just have a winning combination.

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