One of the enduring truths of “The Walking Dead” is that anyone can die at any time, especially if the character is well beloved by the fans but is not an entirely central figure such as Rick, Michonne, or Daryl (though even they can bite the big one if the plot requires.) One character that the fans really want to see dead is the swaggering, bat-wielding Negan, war lord of the Saviors and terror of the entire region.

Recently US Magazine with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor who plays the bringer of death and terror, and got some answers.

Spoilers surely follow.

Morgan reveals that his contract has been renewed for Season 8, so we should not expect to enjoy his character’s demise anytime soon. Considering the number of enemies Negan has made, the development will constitute a miracle. The showrunners are clearly having as much fun depicting Negan’s reign of terror as Negan is enjoying conducting it.

Besides, his survival tracks the story line as depicted in the graphic novels. Without revealing too much to the uninitiated, what happens to Negan may well be worse than death to a man like that, who thrives on the power to terrorize others and bend them to his will.

If “The Walking Dead” has simply about surviving the zombie apocalypse, the show would have quickly become boring. Once the survivors came to understand how the walkers behaved, they could reorient their lives in fortified compounds, going out for supplies in armed groups, and adapting to the changed landscape to live a modicum of ordinary lives.

They might even start cleaning out the hordes of the undead, eliminating them from entire parts of the world.

Of course, episodic television, especially the horror genre, is about constant conflict and peril. That is where characters like Negan come in. Negan is not only evil and insane, he is as smart and ruthless as any great and terrible leader of history. He really needs to be put into an unmarked grave, his head smashed in to keep him from turning.

But Negan is not so easy to kill, something that makes “The Walking Dead” almost too bleak to watch.

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