Who will win “Survivor 33” is the question on everyone’s mind. “Millennials vs Gen X” has been tough fought and Season 33 has been unlike any other in recent memory. Down to the end, we’ve got six castaways left in the game – three Gen X and three Millennials.

The final six

The Gen X castaways are Ken, David, and Bret, while the Millennials are Adam, Jay, and Hannah. David has hung tight even though he was targeted by Zeke. But now Zeke is at Ponderosa and David has a chance at the million bucks. It’s surprising Ken survived this long, too.

His epic betrayal of Will was shocking when he ratted out the blindside plans. Yet despite this lapse, Ken is still there and Will is at Ponderosa, check out the video below to see the high schooler after the game. Jay and Adam have been frenemies but are tight again and Bret and Hannah are wild cards.

The immunity challenge

Jeff welcomes the six to an epic obstacle course immunity challenge tonight as the two-hour episode kicks off.

It’s a grueling course where the castaways have to tackle walls and gather numbered blocks along the way to unlock a combination. That leads them to a key, more obstacles, and then a race to unlock puzzle pieces to assemble a hanging bat puzzle which looks really difficult. David will struggle to get up and over the walls, so it’s not likely he’ll score immunity. This seems like one built for Ken, Adam, or Jay.

The big reward

In addition to the immunity necklace, the winner will get a juicy steak dinner back at camp and that protein will help a lot when it comes to the grueling final challenges of “Survivor Millennials vs Gen X." This will be a nice treat before Tribal Council.

Who will survive and who will be eliminated by the tribe? David is seen as a major threat, but so is Adam if he spills his mom’s cancer news at the final Tribal Council.

Only Jay knows the secret as of now. Ken and David have been tight so if Ken wins immunity, David could be safe.

Who wins 'Survivor 33'?

The “Survivor” finale tonight will reveal the answer to that question, but not in the two-hour episode. You’ll need to stick around for the reunion special to find out who won the big bucks. Before then, we’ll find out who was voted off “Survivor” tonight and the final castaways.

The “Survivor” finale time is from 8 pm until 10 pm for the final Tribal Councils, comps, and game play, then the big reveal at the “Millennials vs Gen X” reunion special at 10 pm Eastern.

Here are “Survivor” spoilers castaway rankings for the finale.

  • Bret won’t win. He’s not terribly likable and hasn’t made any big moves. He relied heavily on Chris, then Zeke, and is now largely alone.
  • Hannah won’t win. She’s not quite a goat, but is close. She’s drifted between strategic partnerships but doesn’t have a resume of her own.
  • Ken won’t win. Most of the Millennials don’t care for Ken and he’s irritated enough of the Gen X crowd that even if he’s in the finals, he’s hosed.
  • David might win. If he makes it to the end, David has a good story for the jury, but the other castaways are smart enough not to let him into the finals.
  • Adam might win. Even without his mom’s cancer story to break the jury’s heart, he’s got a chance, except that Taylor might lobby against him.
  • Jay could win. This Millennial could win. He’s a decent guy, hard worker, and solid player. Jay could beat almost anyone.

The “Survivor” finale for “Millennials vs Gen X” airs tonight from 8-10 pm Eastern, and the reunion show with winner reveal from 10-11 pm – all on CBS!

“Survivor” Ponderosa Will sneak peek video:

“Survivor” Ponderosa Sunday sneak peek video:

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