"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" has already been watched by some lucky people in Europe. The new "Star Wars" movie has already engaged lots of people across social media platforms so let's take a look at some of the reaction to it.

First up, we know from reviewers that hardly anybody critiqued this movie badly - so we know that tickets are going to be hot items wherever you are. The Telegraph review pointed out that "'Rogue One’s promise of something familiar but different makes it something of a tightrope walk." Nevertheless, they came to the conclusion that "director Gareth Edwards and his cast and crew strike an agile balance throughout." Esquire focused on the suspended belief that Storm Troopers could be incapacitated after being hit with blunt sticks - but this is a fun movie and even they had to admit that "Rogue One" does "everything it needs to do," and wrote, "the final five minutes are f**king awesome."

The problem with very good reviews and especially with movies that are part of a franchise is that if the previous movies were fantastic, the hype may generate such high expectations that moviegoers end up disappointed.

So far - it seems this is not the case.

'Rogue One' reactions on Twitter

Twitter user Beardie Messi posted up that he was not overly thrilled with "The Force Awakens" but "Rogue One" did everything it needed to do for him.

This user was so thrilled with the movie that he posted a second Tweet that almost defies description:

Another good review from a Twitter user came from Jacko:

And Polly said it was the best:

Spoilers spoil the movie so keep the end a secret

Seeing the movie was seen in Europe there are a lot of tweets in languages other than English, but thanks to the Twitter Translate function, we can see that lots of people are angry with those people who tweeted the ending and the best bits; no spoilers please, seems to be a recurrent theme among those who have not yet managed to get to see the movie in their own country.

"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" mostly seems to have good reactions, so relax, chill and get into it and may "the force be with you."

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