In the saga of the return of Trunks of the future, the magazines in Japan left us with doubt regarding the arrival of a white-haired Super Saiyan. So far there is suspicion as to whether it was about merging Black Goku and Zamasu with their immortal body, and thus creating a stronger creature than any Saiyajins so far, and could potentially have a power level that is unrivaled in all of the series, and stronger than any and all incarnations of Super Saiyan transformation.

Now, it could be said that the creator Akira Toriyama, along with his team of designers, stopped making the white-haired Saiyajins, along with making a fusion of Zamasu -- who happens to have white hair, and who also happens to be one of the strongest, if not the strongest beings across all worlds and across all universes in the "Dragon Ball" saga.


It may have been the villainous Black Goku in the rose phase, which was a color that managed to draw more attention, and, as it is a pink color, there has been some criticism as far as associating the color pink with a villain, and associating pink with, essentially, an evil character.

What does the color pink represent in Japan?

In Japan the pink color is represented by the most powerful villains, even their purple aura is made manifest in some scenes. Color is not something that takes away from importance.

So, ultimately, even if pink can also sometimes be associated with things that are feminine in nature, the Super Saiyan Rose phase of Black Goku was anything but.

As far as what fans can expect, many appreciated the Trunks saga, and Trunks' return to the future. While it may be a sad thing for some viewers to have to ultimately let go of the Trunks saga, the good news is that after the upcoming filler episodes are finished, we will be able to see an entirely new saga unfold, with many interesting events, plot twists, and turns to experience! Either way, whether we ultimately see a Super Saiyajin with white hair or not, there are plenty of exciting things in store!

Note: this information is just a hypothesis.

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