"Westworld" finale of season one played out on Sunday night and the biggest twist of all was that 'The Man in Black" turned out to be William. There were enough twists and turns in the finale of season one to leave the door open for William, as the Man in Black (Ed harris) to get back into it after his final confrontation with Dolores.

Ed Harris Man in Black might be back

Ed Harris who played the 'Man in Black' part of the William character is going to sign on for season two, whenever that may be.

TV Line quoted Harris as telling BBC radio 4 that there were going to be 10 episodes next season, and that he had indicated his interest in playing his character when he spoke to the creators. It seems that HBO did confirm they are happy with the season one ratings of "Westworld" which is a good thing because it cost a whopping $100 million.

Speculating when season 2 of Westworld might start

At this time there is only speculation as to when they will premiere the show. Tripped media speculates that it will be around October 2017, as the first season debuted in that month, but fans were horrified to learn via Entertainment Weekly, that HBO’s programming president Casey Bloys said the show will likely only run Season 2 in 2018.

That is a long time for fans to wait for the season 2 that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy promised would show a lot more about how the hosts work. Fans were aghast at the news on Twitter.as exemplified by the tweet below:

So it looks like "Westworld" will definitely have a second season and at this time Ed Harris is confident he will back as the 'Man in Black' - but 2018 feels like a lifetime away right now.

If you feel desperate to stay with "Westworld" in the meantime you can always watch the BBO recap of season one from time to time.

But at the same time, fans should not cry into their cups too much, We all know that HBO is incredibly good at turning around in tight spots, so we may not have to wait until October 2918 to see 'The Man in Black' again. Odds are it will be closer to the New year.

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