"Westworld" spoilers tease that Charlotte and the entire Delos board is coming after Ford, and they know people are already being murdered and replaced by look-alike hosts. Hollywood Reporter wrote that the corporation's future plans could be to get rid of the doctor entirely to take control of "Westworld" and provide their customers with immortality through the body of a host. Or the Delos company only wants to use Ford and Arnold's technology to create robots for the Army and make an intelligent assistant race they can sell.

Delos on the money trail to eternal life

The Delos Corporation could have plans to popularize the experimental program Arnold made in order to stay in control of "Westworld." If guests are willing to pay a bunch of cash to play cowboys and gunslingers, they will pay much more for everlasting life.

Additionally, there's a lot of money to be made from eternal life, and bringing people back from the dead. The idea of resurrection has already been built into the host's code. For example, Bernard's memories of his son, Maeve's reveries about her daughter, and Dolores' yearning for her father.

The board has big plans for Ford's intellectual code

It may be that the corporation wants to use the technology to create host commandos or servants. The host's appearance and thinking are almost identical to humans, so people would be able to tell hosts to go into battle, disable bombs or save humans in danger.

Or, like in the "Westworld" theme park, the humans could have sex with hosts -- or they can tell them to clean their house, cook or buy their food. People wouldn't have to worry about mistreating machines made to look and behave like humans.

While Ford is happy with just building "loops" or narratives and controlling hosts with "back door" codes, the Delos board have moved to bigger pursuits.

They may want to take the park's technology and share it with the outside world. Is the Delos Corporation turning Dr. Ford's dreams into a real life nightmare?

The "Westworld" Season 1 finale airs tonight on HBO.

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