HBO's new show "Westworld" has been widely praised for its ambition, as well as its brilliant twists and turns. But has it gone too far?

When the show first aired on October 12th, our cast of characters seemed equal in terms of gender balance. Since then, we've seen gruesome death after gruesome death. And most of these deaths are of women. Be aware, there are spoilers ahead.

Violence against female characters

In the seventh episode, "Trompe L'Oeil," Theresa Cullen, "Westworld" operations leader, died at the hands of her lover, Bernard. It was not merely a murder, but a grisly one. Bernard kills her in one punch, at the behest of his creator Ford.

Now, one death does not a pattern make, but in that same episode, we see the "retirement" of Clementine Pennyfeather, one of the shows robots who works in the Mariposa, the brothel of "Westworld." What retirement means here is the death of the self. It is a robot lobotomy. And surely, to be alive but not be yourself is a worse fate than death.

These are not the only two female deaths on "Westworld." In the most recent episode, "The Well-Tempered Clavier", Bernard regains all of his memories and realizes that he strangled Elsie Hughes a rising star in the programming division, to death several episodes ago.

Lots of sexual violence

It's not just the deaths. The show is full of sexual violence. Jonathan Nolan et al seem to have made the choice to not show any overt sexual violence on screen, which I applaud, but the terror on these characters faces is clearly visible before and after the act.

In fact, in the very first episode, part of our introduction is that we see the man in black take everything from her - her family, her home, and then rape her. It's implied that he's done this many times before.

I don't expect every show I see to be perfectly sanitized. I don't hate "Westworld." I tune in every week to see what new crazy twist is in store.

It's just incredibly tough to see this show, which has some truly exceptional female characters, be so obsessed with violence against women and even rape.

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