"Walking Dead" fans are feeling a bit on edge about the future of their favorite show for a couple of reasons these days, especially when it comes to the fate of Chandler Riggs' character Carl Grimes.

Is 'TWD' Chandler Riggs keeping a secret?

As previously reported, Chandler Riggs, 17, who plays Carl Grimes on AMC's hit series "The Walking Dead" made news headlines late last month after his father shared a post revealing that Chandler's 7-year-contract with the show had been completed. He also thanked the network, writers and cast while congratulating his son on his recent acceptance into college.

This immediately sent fans into a tizzy, and rumors quickly began circulating that Chandler may be leaving the show to further his education and that Carl Grimes may be killed off sometime this season. Things began to calm down a bit after Chandler's mom later posted that her husband was merely thanking the show and that his words were a bit misunderstood.

Following Sunday night's episode which featured Carl Grimes, and and his confrontation with Negan, (one of Chandler's biggest storylines to date) Carl Grimes' fate is once again being questioned, due to a recent interview.

Carl Grimes fate already decided for Season 8 of TWD?

Riggs touched on some serious subjects pertaining to his future. Of course, it was asked if he would confirm his return to "The Walking Dead" for Season 8. His answer, or non-answer, now has fans worried once again. The Hollywood Reporter writes that Chandler Riggs refused to answer the question, only stating that he couldn't answer that. However, just last week Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) both confirmed signing contracts for the upcoming season 8.

Riggs quickly moved on to talk about how excited he was about college and how he hopes to be able to balance life at school and on the set. "You never know how it will go. I really do hope it works out because that would be really cool. I like to be in the "Walking Dead." He also added that he really wants it all to work out.

Interesting? So, does this mean that Carl Grimes could die in the second half of season 7, or is this just another fan teaser?

How do you believe Carl Grimes/ Chandler Riggs future will play out? Will the writers follow the comic, or do they have something different in mind?

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