"Wajah Tum Ho" is an erotic thriller directed by Vishal Pandya which features Sana Khan, Gurmeet Choudhary, Sharman Joshi, and Rajneish Duggall in the lead roles. This Bollywood movie has been released today across India and overseas. This romantic thriller has been creating lots of buzz in the media, ever since it was announced for some quiet interesting reasons.

Rajneish Duggall who has a main role in the movie was been rumored to have injected 8 times for shooting an important scene in the movie. Many critics thought that this movie would be a typecast as just another B-grade Bollywood flick but director Vishal Pandya proved the notion wrong creating much more than just eroticism.

The movie story

Directed and narrated as a murder story in "Wajah Tum Ho" in a different way where Sana Khan will be playing a lawyer character 'Siya'. Gurmeet (Ranvir) play the character of a lawyer, Sharman (Kabir) is seen as a cop and Rajniesh Duggal (Rahul) portrays the role of a businessman.

Interestingly, Vishal Pandya has not included any steamy scenes in the film as seen in its predecessor, sans a good story. The movie's story starts with an unknown person who hacks into a Tv channel and broadcasts a murder live on the channel by which the whole city gets terrified. Then, the owner of the concerned Tv channel becomes the prime suspect.

Movie Positives

As per the sources, the movie is an edge-of-the-seat thriller mixed up with a strong story line rather than eroticism.

Sana Khan raises the temperature with some steamy love-making performance in the movie while Sharman Joshi impresses the audience with his intense presentation in this romantic thriller.

Movie Negatives

While the execution of the movie is far better than romantic thrillers in the Bollywood Industry, one could not definitely say this is the best crime thriller made in the industry as it features few loopholes which cannot escape the viewers' attention.

The verdict of the movie: After a deep review of the movie we can say that the twists and turns make it interesting for people and a one time watchable.

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