"America's Got Talent" has been off the air for a while now, but decided to deliver a Christmas special that was well worth the watch. Magicians like Matt Franco and Piff the Magic Dragon lit up the stage. Even Penn and Teller made a special appearance on the show. But the most unforgettable moment of "America's Got Talent" on December 19th came from Heidi Klum, who managed to clumsily fall while singing "Santa Baby" with Sal Valentinetti.

A Quick Look at the Video.

If you haven't yet seen the video, here it is in full.

I highly recommend skipping to 1:15 if you just want to see Heidi Klum slip and fall on "America's Got Talent."

That's pretty funny and it's hard to believe that someone as perfect as Klum could do something like this. But there's also a question of whether or not she fell on purpose.

Was That a Staged Fall?

Klum looked like she intentionally fell as a part of the performance. Still, a ton of Americans fell for what looked like a complete accident. There was no confirmation or denial on the part of Klum, so we can only speculate about what exactly Heidi was trying to accomplish here.

Perhaps it simply added to the awe that Klum originally felt when she watched Sal Valentinetti for the first time on "America's Got Talent." Maybe it was just a part of the song, suggesting that she wouldn't be able to get up until being given a ring. Or maybe Sal Valentinetti dropped her on purpose. And there's still the very real possibility that she simply fell on her own and played it off by getting back up and continuing her performance without a hitch.

Future 'America's Got Talent' Shows to Come.

In any case, Heidi Klum's latest stunt has "America's Got Talent" viewers excited for what is coming next season. America has proved that it has no shortage of talent with incredible acts making appearances every single year. The only question now is who the next winner of the show will be. Could it be a singer? A magician? A dance group? A comedian? Only time will tell.

Hopefully those acts don't slip like Heidi Klum and make it all the way to the finals.

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