Is Stassi Schroeder suicidal after watching the events of last night's "Vanderpump Rules" play out on Bravo TV? That's what she said in one of her posts on Twitter.

According to a report by the Inquisitr on December 20, Schroeder shocked fans when she told them she was suicidal due to the online backlash stemming from her behavior on the show. “Suicidal thanks to you tweeters," Schroeder wrote, also requesting they "please stop" with their critical comments.

Stassi Schroeder was on the attack during last night's 'Vanderpump Rules'

During the show, Scheana Shay and Katie Maloney were seen meeting with Lala Kent and Ariana Madix to address the ongoing issues between them. However, despite the mean comments Kent has made about Maloney in the past, Shay chose to apologize for possibly repeating something about Kent that wasn't true. In turn, Schroeder put Shay on blast.

While celebrating a joint surprise party for Shay's husband Mike and Kristen Doute's boyfriend Brian, Schroeder, Doute and Maloney ganged up on Shay and suggested she wasn't a good friend.

According to Schroeder, Shay never should have apologized to someone who had been so mean to one of their friends. Shay, however, claimed she simply wanted to rid herself of the tension between them.

Following Shay's apology to Kent, she and Maloney appeared to be doing well, but hours later, Shay received several texts from a very upset Maloney who was suddenly repulsed by Shay's behavior. In a confessional during the episode, Shay admitted that she suspected Schroeder had riled up Maloney into being upset with her.

Stassi Schroeder may not be cut out for reality TV

Following her on-screen encounter with Shay and her suicidal comment to her fans, Schroeder returned to Twitter where she told fans she thought she was “thick skinned [and] tough."

"I’m not," she admitted. "I’m having a mental/emotional/everything breakdown.”

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