Val Kilmer's health has had fans concerned for quite some time now, and despite denying cancer rumors over and over again the "Top Gun" star is just not the picture of health these days.

Val Kilmer photographed looking very frail

Kilmer was recently spotted in La Jolla, California checking out of a hotel and looking noticeably thinner. This is the first time Val has been seen publicly in weeks. In November, Kilmer's alleged poor health was brought to attention once again by pal Michael Douglas. Douglas implied to reporters that Val was not doing well in his battle with throat cancer.

Douglas' comments had Kilmer turning to Facebook and posting a lengthy letter to his fans insisting once again that he is in good health. Val wrote that while he is very fond of Michael, the actor was very misinformed about his health status and that he had not spoken to Douglas in close to two years.

Kilmer claims he is in 'good health'

Kilmer revealed that at that time he had reached out to Michael, who was battling oral cancer, asking for the name of his doctor because he wanted to get a lump in his throat checked out.

He also stated that he ended up going to UCLA and was told by a team of specialists that he did not have cancer. What he did reveal he was suffering from was a swollen tongue, which he is being treated for and is "rehabbing steadily."

Kilmer also wrote that some of his fans have taken his choice to remain silent about his personal and private health issues as a sign that he is keeping a major health issue from them.

In November, the last time Val was spotted out publicly at a film screening for "Citizen Twain" he told the crowd that he was forced to cancel his live tour show due to his swollen tongue issues.

His appearance also came as a shock to fans, who described the 56-year-old as gasping for breath, slurring his words and continuously wiping his mouth with a handkerchief. Fans first began voicing their concerns for Kilmer's health back in December of 2015 after he was seen out running errands with what looked to be a medical breathing aid strapped around his neck.

Though Val Kilmer keeps denying that he is suffering from any form of health issue, a picture is worth a thousand words, and Val just looks under the weather. But, for now, fans are just going to have to take his word that he is okay, as they continue to voice their concerns and well wishes for the actor.

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