Chapter 68 of "Dragon Ball Super" captured 6.2% of the audience among the animes that are broadcast on Saturday's in Japan, becoming the sixth most viewed program of its kind after some very well-known anime's "Sorae," "Chibi," "Doraemon," etc. Nevertheless, we all know that Goku's anime is the most seen abroad. If the "Dragon Ball Super" rating did not go down despite only showing filler episodes, that would be because the public expected important details that would start the new saga after Trunks of the future.


An interesting part: Arale arrives

Chapter 68 of "Dragon Ball Super" was not exactly the most fascinating, or full of action, but at least it served as an advance of an event that we never believed we would see: a fight between Goku and Arale. Those who have closely followed the career of Akira Toriyama, creator of "Dragon Ball" know that he is responsible for other mangas and anime, such as "Dr. Slump," whose protagonist is the android Arale.

This was created by scientist Sembeio Norimaki, who will appear in Chapter 69 of "Dragon Ball Super," competing against Bulma in the World Invention Award, until things get out of control, courtesy of Arale.

For some reason that is not yet known, Vegeta will be forced to fight with Arale, and Goku, who will be working as a security guard for the World Invention Award, will also intervene.

Short summary of Episode 68

In the beginning of the episode of "Dragon Ball Super," Bulma is working in the time machine. However, it only fails. Shortly thereafter, Goku returns with the 7 Dragon Spheres and summons Shenlong. Goku is about to ask to revive Kaiosama and his friends, when the Android 18 and master Roshi appear.

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Both fight, while Pilaf also hopes to get his wish to rule the world, but is interrupted by Trunks. Gohan also arrives with Pan, who is sick and apparently does not recover. Everyone agrees that he should ask Pan to recover, and so one of the desires is spent.

Just when Goku is going to ask for the wish, the Android intervenes and like the rest, they want their own desires. Bulma asks Goku to get the material so he can ask Kaiosama to live again. However, when the Saiyajin returns, he does it with Bills, who destroys the metal and reminds Bulma that he cannot make a time machine.