In updated news revolving around who's making up the Trump inauguration performers list, it was revealed that at least two star musicians believed to ostensibly sing at the grand event have declined.

Las Vegas casino owner couldn't deliver

The Wrap reports that a good friend of the President-elect's and Las Vegas casino owner -- Steve Wynn -- assured The Donald that he could secure Celine Dion as one of the inauguration performers on January 20. He also has connections to Garth Brooks, the country singer who was rumored to get on stage during the inauguration next month. As it turns out, neither are interested in taking on the huge gig.

Gene Simmons out

TMZ also reports that KISS won't be one of the Trump inauguration performers. According to the celebrity news site, Gene Simmons' wife, Shannon Tweed, said her husband turned down Trump. Simmons, another good celebrity friend of Trump's, was curiously silent when his wife was talking to reporters about it. It was also revealed that KISS will be touring Europe when Trump is inaugurated, the real reason could be due to a scheduling conflict. Simmons and his wife are said to have a hard family divide when it comes to the president.

For months there was chatter that maybe Garth Brooks or Gene Simmons would be on the roster of Trump inauguration performers, but it's being reported that they definitely won't show.

As for Celine Dion, this is the first time her name has been brought up for the inaugural events.

Only one performer confirmed

For now the only entertainer booked for Donald Trump's inauguration is 16-year-old Jackie Evancho, a former "America's Got Talent" contestant. Organizers for the event are rumored to be having a difficult time booking A-list talent, but a report out earlier this week suggests Trump doesn't want big name musicians performing when he's inaugurated.

He's pointed out time and time again that Hillary Clinton didn't secure the presidency by enlisting top talent like Beyonce, Katy Perry, or Lady Gaga just nights before the election.

It has also been reported that classical singer Andrea Bocelli and pop singer Elton John have declined appearing at the event.

Will any big pop or country stars make the list of Trump inauguration performers? It remains to be seen so far.

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