In a new report out regarding Donald Trump's inauguration entertainment, the rockettes are set to have an all-white cast because none of the black dancers have signed up for the gig. There are 18 full-time cast members and up to 90 contract dancers. It's unknown how diverse the full-time cast will be on January 20, but so far they aren't willing to be a part of the inaugural event.

Rockettes dancer speaks out

Rockette dancer, Mary, spoke with Marie Claire about her refusal to perform at the Trump inauguration. She tells the magazine that she didn't want to be one of the attractive women forced to perform for "this monster" and another dancer wrote in an email that she didn't want to stand "near a man like that" in their costumes.

A large number of dancers with the Rockettes have had interview requests, but are turning them down for fear of losing their jobs. Since it was announced they were going to be part of Trump's inauguration entertainment, they've been in the headlines since some of the dancers have made it known they're against performing at the event.

Conflicting headlines have arised due to various employment contracts with the Rockettes.13 of the dancers are full-time and Mary says they're required to fulfill all required performance duties. The rest of the dancers -- Mary included -- are seasonal. There are about 80 dancers that are seasonal and they're the ones who received an email about performing at the Trump inauguration if they were available.

'No women of color' have signed up for the inauguration?

According to Mary, "no women of color have signed up to perform" at the Trump inauguration. She said it seems "worse to have 18 pretty white girls" performing at an event for a man who "supports so many hate groups." she says. The Rockettes dancer goes on to say that the lack of diversity in the kick line is "embarrassing" on any given day, but the inauguration could "brand" each dancer as being one of "those" women, Mary declares.

On top of all that, Mary thinks the Rockettes being part of the Trump inauguration entertainment also means disrespecting the immigrants who are in the show. Mary said seats are usually filled during the Christmas season for shows they perform in, but there's been a lot of empty seats this season. She thinks it's because people don't want to support anyone who doesn't support all human rights...meaning they're guilty by association with Donald Trump.

Are some of the dancers overreacting to performing at the Trump inauguration?

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