T.J. Miller, whose role as Erlich Bachman in the HBO comedy "Silicon Valley" earned him a Critics Choice Award in 2015, was arrested in Los Angeles on Friday on a charge of battery. The arrest came as the result on an incident stemming from a political argument with Miller's Uber driver, who, much to the actor's dismay, turned out to be a Trump supporter.

Driver places actor under citizen's arrest

According to Jenny Houser, an officer and spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department, Miller was arrested at approximately 1 a.m. after the driver of the vehicle placed the actor under citizen's arrest.

Police followed the vehicle to the actor's home, where he was formally arrested. Miller was charged with battery and released on his own recognizance without having to post bail.

The Uber driver, whose name has not yet been made available to the public, alleges that Miller slapped him in the head during an argument over President-elect Donald Trump.

The entertainment website TMZ reports that the driver did not sustain any visible injuries during the altercation.

Miller makes a fool of himself in front of Conan

Miller, whose new movie "Office Christmas Party" opens today, has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump and has a track record of making provocative statements about the newly-elected president.

During the presidential election Miller tweeted, "Trump is a madman. He's a lunatic. He'll ruin us globally. Let's f--- him up in November." He also once attempted to set fire to a Trump-brand necktie on the Conan O'Brien show, only to discover, to his embarrassment, that the tie was made from fire retardant material.

Will not lose hosting gig in spite of arrest

In spite of his arrest, T.J. Miller is apparently in no danger of losing his gig hosting the "Critics Choice Awards" show on Sunday. Joey Berlin, president of the organization behind the awards, stated that Miller will not be replaced as host. "We look forward to seeing what he's going to do on Sunday," said Berlin to USA Today.

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