No one knows what's going on with Trisha Paytas, including Trisha. The 28-year-old YouTube star is no stranger to controversy, but things have taken a new high this week. It all started when Trisha uploaded a video on December 10th where she claimed that her boyfriend, Sean Van Der Wilt had cheated on her. As the night went on, Trisha released more videos until eventually letting her audience know that she suspected Sean was gay. Trisha has continued to post multiple videos a day about her breakup, most of which appear to be impromptu vlogs.


Trisha comes out

On December 14, 2016, Trisha Paytas released a new video where she comes out as a lesbian.

"I've really come to the realization that I'm never happy in a relationship with a guy. The only time I'm happy is when I'm around girls and when I'm in relationships with girls...I think back to all my relationships with women and I just have never had the insecurity and the self-doubt and the worthless [feeling] I've had with guys. "

Trisha also assured her fans that her coming out had nothing to do with her recent breakup.

The coming out video currently has 772,057 views, 14,891 likes and 10,879 dislikes.

Immediately after the video was posted, Trisha's subscribers began questioning if Trisha was losing her mind.

Trisha the troll?

Another accusation against Trisha is that she's uploading these videos for money. It has been rumoured that Trisha was always aware that Sean was gay and the two decided to fake a relationship for publicity.

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If that rumour is true, then it is very well possible that she is using her breakup as a publicity stunt. Trisha responded to these accusations on her Twitter account.

According to Socialblade, Trisha Paytas has made close to 50,000 dollars for her videos related to Sean and her break up. Several YouTubers have questioned her authenticity and noted that all of her recent videos are monetized, meaning that she's making money from the people who watch.

It is currently unclear if Trisha will continue to post more videos about Sean and when she plans on stopping.