Fans woke up to some shocking news on Twitter which claimed skateboarder Tony Hawk had died. In addition to several "RIP Tony Hawk" tweets, several fans weighed in on the iconic skater's alleged death by commenting on the recent deaths of other celebrities, including Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and George Michael, all of whom tragically died this week.

As Twitter users continue to strum up the rumor of the skater's reported death, he has thankfully been confirmed to be alive. On December 29, hours after the shocking rumor hit the web, Gossip Cop confirmed that Hawk was the latest victim of a Twitter death hoax.

Tony Hawk's alleged death was a trending Twitter topic on Wednesday and Thursday

Following the sudden death of Reynolds, which occurred just one day after her daughter, Fisher, passed away, Hawk's name became a trend on Twitter as a false rumor claimed he had died as a result of an alleged overdose. As Gossip Cop explained, a post hit Twitter which appeared to be an announcement by TMZ, revealing the "breaking news" of Hawk's alleged death. Along with a photo of the skateboarder, the word “exclusive” was featured in a banner above the picture, much like TMZ features on their actual stories.

Tony Hawk Dead At 48: Famous Skateboarder has been found dead in his house due to an opiate overdose earlier today at 7:54 pm,” the alleged announcement read.

Meanwhile, the link included read “,” which is not the web address of TMZ's actual website.

Although the initial tweet came from a parody site, @FOX5LIVE re-posted the fake news, which led to further confusion among Twitter users.

Tony Hawk has not died, he's alive and well

Hawk is most certainly not deceased.

Instead, he is reportedly thriving with his children and fourth wife and currently living in Encinitas, California. Following three failed marriages, Hawk married his current wife, Kathy Goodman, in 2015 in Ireland. Hawk has three sons, Riley Hawk, from his first marriage, Spencer and Keegan Hawk, from his second marriage, and one daughter, Kadence Clover Hawk, from his third marriage.

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