In the age of social media and alternative news and information, stars are born on a daily basis. One of the brightest stars in right-wing social media is Tomi Lahren, who got into a heated debate on "The Daily Show."

Tomi Lahren speaks out

Over the last year, 24-year-old conservative beauty Tomi Lahren has often found herself in the spotlight with her blunt right-wing views on social issues like Black Lives Matter, as well as her support of President-elect Donald Trump. Lahren's videos can be found on The Blaze TV, as well as various social media outlets, including, but not limited to, Facebook and Twitter.

With over 3.5 million fans on Facebook, and over 380,000 followers on Twitter, Lahren has a voice that is reaching a wide audience. On Wednesday night, Lahren appeared on "The Daily Show" and it quickly made headlines, which was highlighted on her Twitter account on December 1.

Joining "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah was Tomi Lahren, and for the better part of the 26 minute conversation, with less than half airing on TV, the two disagreed over the majority of issues.

The conversation's most heated moments came when Lahren appeared to compare Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan, and her constant support for Donald Trump. Once the interview was over, the mainstream media quickly labeled Noah the person who came out on top, as Lahren appeared to repeat prepared right-wing talking points. On Twitter, Lahren gave her thoughts.

"If I was a liberal snowflake I would complain @TheDailyShow wasn't 'fair,'" Tomi Lahren tweeted, before adding "Instead I stand my ground & take it.

6 of 26 min interview aired." During the conversation, Trevor Noah asked how black people should protest to get their point across, and while Lahren didn't give an answer on the show, she had one on Twitter while taking a shot at NFL star Colin Kaepernick in the process. "I'll answer your ? should a black person object to a perceived system of oppression?," Lahren wrote, while stating, "Voting would be a good start.

Right Colin?"

In praise of Noah

Tomi Lahren didn't appear to hold a grudge, however, as she took time to praise Trevor Noah and defend him from conservative critics. "I had a great time with @Trevornoah on @TheDailyShow and I respect our obvious differences but common goals," Lahren tweeted.

In a follow-up message, Lahren continued.

"To my fans: Trevor Noah is not a douche or a jerk. To Trevor's fans: I'm not a bitch or c*nt. We are people with opposing views," Lahren noted.

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