In the age of social media, stars are born on a daily basis as access to potentially millions of viewers and readers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter have truly changed the way people communicate. One rising star is Tomi Lahren, a blonde bombshell who is known for her far right-wing conservatives opinions and ability to hit back hard at liberals.

Lahren on "The Daily Show"

Tomi Lahren is a 24-year-old conservative whose video program can been seen on the right-wing website "The Blaze," as well as her various social media outlets. With over 3.5 million followers of Facebook, Lahren has grown a following with her controversial views, support for President-elect Donald Trump, and her routine bashing of groups like Black Lives Matter.

Usually seen in safe conservative spaces, Lahren ventured out of the right-wing bubble and made her way opposite Trevor Noah, the host of "The Daily Show," during an interview on November 30.

Joining "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah was Tomi Lahren and the two didn't disappoint during their near half-hour interview. Various topics were discussed, with the conversation quickly getting heated when the issue of Black Lives Matter was brought up. Noah referenced Lahren's previous criticism of Black Lives Matter, and the recent protests by NFL quarterback Collin Kaepernick. "Sometimes people need to be called on their bullsh*t," Lahren said, while admitting that her "controversial" rhetoric just "needs to be said." Noah addressed some of Lahren's concerns with Black Lives Matter, most notably the riots and looting, but asked, "How are you gonna label the actions of a few, while condemning an entire group?" Lahren even went as far as to compare Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan, which resulted in even more of a heated debate.

Lahren on Pu**ygate

Trevor Noah brought up the now infamous leaked Access Hollywood tape that exposed the private sexual thoughts of Donald Trump.

"The Daily Show" host pointed out that Tomi Lahren tweeted right after the tape was released, noting that she specifically said she supported Mike Pence, without mentioning the president-elect.

"What I did say is, 'I support my candidate, I support his vice president,'" Lahren attempted to explain, before adding, "That's a calming way for me to address the "Never Trumpers." Noah quickly chimed in, stating, "You didn't say you support your candidate.

You said you support Mike Pence."

Tomi on Trump campaign

Tomi Lahren then accused liberals of not giving former Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway enough credit for being the first female to lead a successful presidential bid to the White House, referring to her as a "kick ass woman." In response, Trevor Noah fired back. "We don't want to give credit to a person for kicking ass for somebody who we have shown, you wanna talk about construction, a person who has stolen jobs from people by screwing them out of the money they deserve," Noah said, making reference to construction jobs that Trump allegedly stiffed workers out of their pay.

Lahren then went on to claim that the former host of "The Apprentice" was not bought off by anyone, stating, "When you have someone (Trump) at the head who says 'I'm not beholden to anyone in D.C.'," Lahren said, before getting cut off.

"That's because he's beholden to people in India, Russia, and China, but carry on," Noah responded.


The two went back and forth for the better part of over 20 minutes. While it's unknown what will come from the interview, Tomi Lahren is a rising star on the political right, as Trevor Noah continues to cement his spot as a top political talk show host on "The Daily Show."

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