Conservative and controversial political commentator Tomi Lahren appeared on Trevor Noah's “The Daily Show” Wednesday night and people can't stop talking about the interview. The show aired part of the talk between the two and posted the extended interview online and it was definitely a buzzworthy interview. What are Tomi and Trevor saying about their intense exchanges after the fact?

'Daily Show' fans feel that Trevor Noah rocked the interview

Fans of Trevor Noah and “The Daily Show” seem to all agree that it was a fantastic interview and that the talk show host and comedian did a great job of handling Tomi Lahren's ultra-conservative and often controversial viewpoints.

The two discussed Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump's supporters, Colin Kaepernick's protests, the KKK, and a host of other related topics, and the interview definitely got intense at times.

After the episode aired, both Lahren and Noah tweeted about the interview. On the one hand, Tomi did tweet about how if she was a “liberal snowflake” she would complain that the “Daily Show” episode wasn't necessarily fair, as it only aired six minutes of the 26-minute interview.

Tomi Lahren tweeted quite a bit after the show

On the other hand, “TheBlaze” star also tweeted that she had a great time with Trevor on “The Daily Show” and she added that she respects their “obvious differences but common goals.” In another tweet, she posted about how her fans need to understand that Noah is not a jerk, but Trevor's fans also need to know that she's not evil either. Lahren added that “We are people with opposing views.

That's it.”

What did "The Daily Show” host tweet about the exchange?

Noah retweeted Lahren's post and Trevor thanked Tomi for being his guest and said that she is always welcome back to the show. Many who watched the episode feel that Trevor handled Tomi's assertions quite well and the two managed to talk civilly without letting things escalate or get ugly. Did anybody walk away with changed minds on either side after the interview? That much is hard to say, but most would acknowledge that it was a pretty fantastic conversation to follow.

Did you watch the intense “Daily Show” episode featuring Tomi Lahren with Trevor Noah? What did you think about how each of them handled themselves?

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