Comedian and actor Tom Arnold says he has a copy of recordings of Donald trump making vulgar and offensive comments on “The Apprentice.” He claims that he and "hundreds of people" have seen the tapes where Trump used “every offensive word ever,” including the N-word and the C-word.

Donald Trump used the N-word, the C-word and called his son a 'retard'

Arnold, best known for his role in the sitcom "Roseanne" revealed, while appearing Friday on "The Dori Monson Show" on KIRO-FM radio, that he has a copy of old recordings showing Trump, as star of NBC's "The Apprentice" Reality TV Show, making vulgar and derogatory remarks.

He used the N- and C-words and called his son a “retard.”

Reports about old recordings from “The Apprentice," featuring Trump making offensive remarks, first emerged soon after a leaked video from 2005 captured him telling former "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush that his celebrity status allowed him to "grab [women] by the pu***y." The leak threatened to derail Trump's presidential election campaign in October, but he dismissed the offensive comments as "locker room talk."

Arnold Schwarzenegger's agent wanted Tom Arnold to release the tape to help Hillary Clinton's campaign

Arnold's revelation on The Dori Monson Show is being taken as a confirmation of the existence of the tape allegedly from Trump's time as "The Apprentice" host.

Arnold told Monson that former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's agent called him during the election campaign period and asked him to release the tape to help Hillary Clinton. But, according to Arnold, although he had the tape, he did not release it because of a "confidentiality agreement" that threatened the producers with a $5 million penalty if they leaked the tape. He said two editors and an associate producer were "scared to death" of backlash from "Trump's people.”

After billionaire Mark Cuban offered to pay the $5 million legal penalty on behalf of anyone who released the tape, producer Mark Burnett threatened to sue if anyone leaked video footage from Trump's time as “The Apprentice” host.

'The Apprentice' producers never released the tape, but it was circulated in the entertainment industry

Despite frantic efforts by the producers to prevent the tape from being leaked, Arnold said hundreds of people have seen it. The tape, according to Arnold, is a Christmas video compilation of Trump's comments as "The Apprentice" host. Although the tape was never released officially, it was circulated within the entertainment industry.

According to Arnold, it shows Trump sitting in a chair, saying the N-word and the C-word. He called his son a "retard" and was very "mean to his own children." Trump made the comments at a time that he never thought he would run for President of the United States, Arnold suggested.

Monson felt certain that releasing the tape would have ended Trump’s campaign, but Arnold disagreed. He said Trump’s fans were used to hearing him say outrageous things and that they might even like him more for being "politically incorrect." Arnold added it was likely that the recordings would be released soon, with Cuban having promised to cover the legal penalty on behalf of anyone who leaked the video.

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