Just over a month before Election Day, the now infamous Access Hollywood audio tape was released, and revealed the private sexual thoughts of Donald Trump. While the tape was considered the "October surprise" at the time, Trump was able to weather the storm, but it appears another tape could soon come back to haunt him.

Arnold on Trump

It's no secret that Donald Trump has a controversial past when it comes to issues of sex and race. Throughout the campaign, Trump was exposed for his alleged "sexist" behavior over the years, while also being accused of being a racist.

After the release of the aforementioned Access Hollywood tape, Trump supporters didn't just rally behind him, they also increased their support for the billionaire real estate mogul. Earlier this month, actor Tom Arnold revealed that he has tapes of Trump using the "N word" on the set of "The Apprentice," but was allegedly threatened by the legal team of the president-elect if the tapes ever became public. On Christmas, Arnold took to his offical Twitter account to elaborate on the status of the tapes, and how they could be released in the future, as reported by Mediaite on December 26.

In response to a critical comment by fellow actor Michael Rapaport, Tom Arnold went into detail about the tapes in a long series of tweets. "I received tape via program used in our biz 2 prevent privacy. Had a limited time password," Arnold tweeted, while adding, "When I received no one thought Trump would be Pres.

When it came real people got scared."

Tom Arnold went on to claim that he, and his family, were "threatened by Alt Right nuts." Arnold continued on Twitter, explaining that he doesn't believe a person's private life should be made public, but that Donald Trump "became a bully," citing his attacks on Sen.

John McCain and Sen. Ted Cruz's dad. "He (Trump) was stoking racism. Lying. Basically saying anything to get elected contradicting himself," Arnold tweeted.

Possible reveal

"I personally confronted 7 powerful Hollywood people who have everything," Tom Arnold said in a later tweet, while noting, "You have to see his taxes.

These tapes are disgusting but not illegal." Concluding his statement, Arnold noted, "All will be reviewed soon. Smart Watergate level journalists are on-top of this." As of press time, Donald Trump has not commented on the issue, and will be sworn in on Inauguration Day on January 20.

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