David Rittenhouse’s hands are soaked with blood – over two centuries worth of it. Leaping out of the darkness and into the grave, “Timeless”’s Revolutionary schemer delivered a dangerous dose of knowledge in the midseason finale.

'Timeless' reveals Rittenhouse

Yes, Rittenhouse is one man; a singular, twisted entity rooted in the depths of America’s bid for freedom, bent on manipulating the populace through the guise of democracy. (Was Rittenhouse behind the invention of the Electoral College? It sure seems up his alley.) A bullet from Flynn thankfully put Rittenhouse out of commission a few years early, but Lucy left his brainwashed son John standing.

Just as the great American experiment survives, so does its raging infection. As far as Flynn’s concerned, Rittenhouse is septic.

So, what’s next for the shadow organization? Will the Lifeboat’s newly minted 1780 aberration (sorry, “Legends of Tomorrow,” I’m co-opting your term) turn the series’ big bad inside out, or will David’s legacy remain in place? Showrunner Shawn Ryan teased the midseason return while speaking with TV Line.

“We haven’t dealt with that in any of the near-term, upcoming scripts, but we can assume that [John’s] escape portended bigger things as he got older.

And Garcia Flynn believes that his survival was a big deal and took away his opportunity to destroy Rittenhouse early,” Ryan explained. “When we come back for our winter premiere, we’ll deal with Flynn’s feelings about all that.”

What is Flynn's next move on 'Timeless'?

We’re guessing Flynn’s rage-o-meter will be hovering somewhere between Stokholm-era John McEnroe and "Revenge’s" Emily Thorne. Unfortunately for Lucy, she’s right in his crosshairs.

“For Flynn, we’re starting to sympathize with and see his point of view, but he has gotten pretty angry about things and now he’s got Lucy and has taken her to places or times unknown,” Ryan said, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Can Flynn still find an ally in Lucy and the Lifeboat crew, or will they continue to thwart him across the timeline? Find out more when “Timeless” returns to NBC on Jan.

16 at 10 p.m. ET.

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