The team returns to the birth of America for "The Capture of Benedict Arnold." This time around, they aren’t stranded in the past by Flynn’s team and at each others’ throats. Instead, they find themselves questioning whether or not they’re actually on the right side.

Leading off with Agent Christopher

Once the tease is given for Benedict Arnold, we don’t go right into the team taking on a new mission. Instead, we get a couple of peeks into their personal lives. Not only are Rufus and Jiya enjoying a video game date, but Agent Christopher invited Lucy to dinner and had one of the best scenes of the series so far.

As Agent Christopher instructs Lucy to leave a flashdrive she gives her in the lifeboat, she explains that her biggest fear is not losing her kids anymore, but history changing so that she never even knew she was a mom. The flashdrive is images of her life with her family, and it’s such a touching moment that the audience is able to connect to. After all, we’ve seen Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus worry about how their own lives are directly affected by the changes in the past, but we’ve never seen if Jiya, Agent Christopher, or anyone else have personal connections to changes.

The idea that you might never know what you lost as a result of someone else messing with time is a scary one, and one the show could definitely stand to play with more.

Everybody wins

As the Lifeboat team is caught by George Washington before they can even begin their search for Flynn, the man himself surprises them with a plan. He provides them with a cover story - as spies to go after Benedict Arnold, and when he reveals to them that Benedict Arnold was a founding member of Rittenhouse, he lays out a scenario where everyone wins.

Flynn wants to stop the organization that robbed him of his family before it can ever really get started, and he knows Rufus wants out from under their thumb. He offers to tell Wyatt everything he knows about his wife’s death and also that getting rid of Rittenhouse would fix all the things they’ve changed.

Flynn’s idea seems accurate, but what about all the things that the present might need in tact as a result of Rittenhouse?

David Rittenhouse

One giant reveal here is that Rittenhouse, at least during the organization’s founding, isn’t a group, but a person. David Rittenhouse recruited Benedict Arnold to help him shape events in the world. In a scene where David’s son John works on clocks, we find out that David Rittenhouse was obsessed with time and has been teaching John how to make clocks.

While the Lifeboat team agrees to help Flynn kill David, nothing goes according to plan. Instead, Flynn and Wyatt are nearly killed and Rufus has to save the day yet again. David does end up getting shot, but his young son escapes, and there’s the promise that “this will outlive” all of them because there are already others who are working for his cause.

Flynn takes Lucy

Lucy has been in dire straights before, but this might be the most interesting. When she stops Flynn from killing John Rittenhouse, Flynn decides to take her with him in the Mothership. Lucy has sworn not to write the journal Flynn carries with him, but with his assurances that they’ll work together one day, could this be the start of that, even if she’s going with him against her will?

What Rittenhouse means for history

Is all that history Lucy has been trying so hard to protect really history? With the reveal that David Rittenhouse didn’t believe people should actually have any say in how they were governed, not to mention his obsession with time, it appears that Rittenhouse has been shaping the events for the U.S.

since the U.S. began. It makes you wonder just how much of that history unfolded naturally.

The verdict

Such a fun episode, though “Bonnie and Clyde” is still my favorite so far. This one definitely changed the game for the team.

4 out of 5 stars.

What’s next

Timeless” fans will have to wait over a month to see what happens to Lucy. The series returns to NBC on January 16.

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