When the “Timeless” trio travels to the 1930s, they need a little help in figuring out just what Flynn is up to. Teaming up with the notorious Bonnie and Clyde means that Wyatt and Lucy learn a little more about one another, not Flynn’s plan.

Bonnie and Clyde have a wild ride

1934 Arkansas is where the “Timeless” trio find themselves. While Lucy isn’t sure why Flynn is after a “Rittenhouse key” in this particular time and place, it doesn’t take long to find out as she and Wyatt stumble into a robbery committed by Bonnie and Clyde. In an effort to get close to them, they help them escape the cops and pose as an engaged couple to get the story of the Rittenhouse key, which Bonnie wears around her neck.

Jacqueline Byers and Sam Strike took on the roles of iconic criminals Bonnie and Clyde for the episode, and they are perfection. Flirty, dangerous, and just so fun, I would absolutely watch a movie version of the story of Bonnie and Clyde with these two in the lead.

“The key to the beginning of all time and the key to the end of all time”

That “Rittenhouse key” as it’s referred to? Bonnie is ready to die before she’ll let anyone take it from her. And she does. Though Lucy and Wyatt come up with a convincing cover and spend the night getting to know Bonnie and Clyde, it’s Flynn who gets it first. Flynn then uses the key to unlock a very fancy clock hiding an old piece of parchment inside.

What’s on the paper?

What does this have to do with Rittenhouse? We just don’t know yet, but this was quite the tease to keep us all interested, wasn’t it?

More Agent Christopher is a good thing

We haven’t seen much of Agent Christopher up to this point in the show, but this time around, we get to see that she just might be someone the team can trust.

Not only is she suspicious of Connor Mason, but she’s not afraid to make tough choices.

When she approaches Rufus, he tries to warn her off, especially now that he knows she’s got a kid. It doesn’t work and he agrees to tell her everything he knows about Rittenhouse. My instinct tells me that she’s someone who is all about truth and justice.

She doesn’t appear to be shady in the same ways as other characters we’ve met, so I can’t wait to see how she helps the team in the future.

Lucy and Wyatt get tense

After pretending to be engaged, the duo have a heart to heart about whether or not there is just one person out there for everyone, and though they both brush off the kiss they shared by convincing Bonnie and Clyde of their engagement, there’s obviously plenty of tension.

Do I expect Wyatt and Lucy to suddenly be locking lips every episode? No. Wyatt is in this mission to find a way to get his dead wife back. Lucy has a relationship created by a new timeline. The two are going to be the definition of complicated moving forward if they jump into anything.

They’re the slow burn of the show if it gets renewed for another season, but exploring that tension is going to be fun in the meantime.

In Bonnie’s own words

One great move on the part of the writers is that they use the real words of Bonnie Parker to tell the story. Bonnie actually wrote her own poetry while robbing banks and joy riding with Clyde. The writers for “Timeless” used her own texts to provide some of the narration for the episode. Much like what they did for “Space Race,” the writers have done an excellent job blending the reality with their fiction, creating a believable version of history for the audience.

The verdict

This is far and away my favorite episode so far, even if we didn’t get a ton of answers this time around.

Bonnie and Clyde injected so much fun into the tense search for information about Rittenhouse!

5 out of 5 stars

What’s next

Before we get to the World’s Fair and H.H. Holmes in a future episode, the team will deal with Benedict Arnold next week.

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