The Internet is always swirling with news and rumor about Kim Kardashian who just about sees a trending story every day of her life. Gossip Cop, the online Website that does not perpetuate clickbait stories, but investigates them has come out after a weekend of Kardashian speculation and Debunked three of the trending Kim stories.

Kim Kardashian cheating on Kanye West with Marquette King

Now here's a story that did the rounds on Twitter over the weekend. According to Gossip Cop, this is simply not true and it originated on a site called Terez Owens. Perpetuating the story was MediaTakeOut who wrote about Kim Kardashian “creeping” and “seeking comfort” from Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King.

MediaTakeOut cited this story as sourced from Barstool Sports, but Gossip Cops says nay to that. Instead, they decided to cut through the rumor mill and contacted a representative to the "reality star" who said the story is fake. Gossip Cops tells us that MediaTakeOut Webloid has told lies about Kim Kardashian in the past and points out that after the Paris robbery they had to retract their assertion that Kardashian had staged her own robbery.

Kim Kardashian talking to divorce lawyers

Here is the second in a list of three stories about Kim that Gossip Cop has set aside as not true and another in the long line of Fake News about the reality star.

The story ran in a number of outlets, but Gossip Cop wrote on 11 December that this story is "false" and "inaccurate. They investigated the original story carried by the tabloid In-Touch which said that Laura Wassner - a divorce lawyer was talking to Kim as she is "secretly plotting to leave Kanye West." Gossip Cop points out that this information supposedly came from an "insider source." The inside source who conveniently does not have a name did not match with the story revealed to Gossip Cop who followed up with a genuine close Kim Kardashian source .

According to the 'Cops, their more reliable source "assures us the rumors are completely 'false' and "Kardashian is certainly not talking to divorce lawyers." They once again justify their investigation on a trending story that is probably false by citing incorrect stories by this tabloid in the past.

They allege that In-Touch was out of touch with a fabricated report in November that falsely alleged "Kardashian was leaving West because she was 'trapped with a madman.'”

Mystery illness afflicts Kim Kardashian

Those worried about the health of their favorite reality star can settle down and chill out. It seems that Kim Kardashian is not suffering a mystery illness at all. Gossip Cop set out to debunk this story that had fans stressing.

It was the Radaronline story that really sparked fears about the health of Kim. They wrote how two sources had confirmed that not only was Kim ill and hiding the facts from friends and family, but she also is just not going to get over it.

Further on they revealed how this was the real reason that Kanye "Flipped out." Their story went on to describe how “After the robbery, Kim went to see all sorts of specialists. .....(and).... a lot of people around her are scared.” Gossip Cop set out to check the facts on what they described as "serious allegations." The main reason they don't believe the story and have debunked it is because there has been no reputable outlet confirming this "medical crisis." They do concede that after the trauma of the Paris robbery, that Kim may very well be suffering from PTSD, but their investigations allege that the story of a life-threatening mystery illness is false.

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