It's time for the midseason finale of “This Is Us” and fans are bracing themselves for heartbreak. Previews for this Season 1 fall finale tease that the Pearson family will be spending time at the hospital and viewers will be counting down the days until new episodes return after the holidays. What's known about this December 6 show and when will the series return?

The 'This Is Us' fall finale brings big moments

“This Is Us” spoilers from star Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack Pearson, indicate that this will be a “bloody” episode. Ventimiglia shared via the Hollywood Reporter that this next episode will be bloody, but he wouldn't go into more detail than that.

TVLine shares that Rebecca and Jack will need to take Kate to the hospital on Christmas Eve, and the synopsis for “Last Christmas” notes that Kate will end up with a case of appendicitis. TV Guide shares that fans will see Kevin connect with Sloane to celebrate Hanukkah and Kate will work toward having the gastric bypass surgery she decided to pursue. In addition, someone from William's past will pop up during Tuesday's fall finale.

Will there be heartbreak for the Pearsons?

Rebecca is seen in previews saying that nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve, leading many “This Is Us” spoiler fans to speculate that Jack may die on that holiday, at some point, and William may die in the present day scenes.

Seeing that this one is titled “Last Christmas” certainly adds to the speculation that perhaps this is when William dies, and everybody will be anxious to see if there is a cliffhanger on the way.

This fall finale also brings back Dr. K., the doctor who delivered Kevin and Kate and was with Jack and Rebecca as they lost the third baby and added Randall to the family.

During this next show, Dr. K. is seemingly facing a serious medical crisis of his own and the Pearsons see him at the hospital when they take Kate in for her appendicitis. The doctor is sure to impart more heartfelt insight to the Pearson family and fans love seeing him in the mix of things.

When will “This Is Us” return after the holidays?

Some fans were worried that this was the season finale already, but luckily, that isn't the case. There are quite a few more episodes on the way and it sounds as if the series will return on NBC on January 10, 2017. How do you think things will end in this fall finale and what do you expect to see happen as the rest of Season 1 continues?

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