'Dragon Ball Super'

In the "Dragon Ball Super" series, there always have been complete fighters and some that are usually powerful, but it doesn’t mean they always win. Sometimes their fighting level is the lowest to face the most powerful villains of the universes and Earth.

The first position is occupied by none other than Goku, considered by his own creator Akira Toriyama as the strongest of the entire universe. He even is the legendary fighter of the series "Dragon Ball Z." Goku has a very charismatic personality that captures the hearts and minds of all the followers of the series.


He’s very strong and full of skills, but, even as the most powerful character in the entirety of the series, he never takes himself too seriously.

In second place is Vegeta, and, though he is powerful in his own right, he can’t overtake Goku because he is his worthy rival. There’s a lot of pride in Vegeta that never lets him see beyond, especially because he’s always hating somebody. At least, he is remembered as a good father, saving his son Future Trunks.

Hit and Gohan

The third position belongs to Hit, a warrior of Universe 6, where one can also find the God of Destruction, Champa, who considers him (Hit) as the most complete and capable warrior for killing the Saiyans because of his speed and accuracy.

For the fans, he is a worthy and respected rival because he tested his mettle and proved that he could compete with anyone and everyone in the Universal Tournament, but his negligence caused him to lose, ultimately.

The fourth place is for Gohan, viewers often remember him as an excellent father. He didn’t follow his training in martial arts but he can continue his level of fighting, to become a Saiyajin with mysterious powers inside. If he trains, can surpass any universal god, even his father.


There is a bit of a catch-22 in this realization, however. Due to the fact that Gohan is not a pure blood Saiyan, he still has human emotions that cannot be turned off during a fight, and partly because of this he has a general aversion to violence. However, he can certainly act when he is needed.