In the history of the series of ''Dragon Ball," there have always been characters who have stolen the hearts of more than one person, because of their way of fighting as well as the possible death and resurrection of each of the characters, but a few hours ago, a great rumor was circulating as to whether a woman was a legendary Saiyajin more than 100 years ago in the events of the series.

The story

To begin the story is only invented, with no basis of valid arguments in the original series of its own creator named Akira Toriyama, who made it clear several years ago in an interview that the legendary Saiyajin in the series is Goku, as he proved to be very brave when it comes to fighting and sacrificing with much love and solidarity for and in the planet earth, and all his humanity that keeps him grounded.

This warrior, for a long time faced the most fearsome villains that were back in that timeline, such as Freezer, Cell In his perfect state, but also the way of relating to humanity characterized him to be a legendary Saiyan today.

Although for film companies this warrior is named Goku, it is not the legendary fundamental, since its form of fight does not surpass the levels of fight of Broly nor of his father, those were the most argued words without explaining in detail, but according to the base of the fighters in the films Broly proved to be far superior to the Saiyajins, and for that reason will continue being the legendary.

Her name, Ica

While in other events it can be seen that Bardock was the only one that faced several armies and the most fearsome emperor of all universes and planet earth, remaining alive. But the only disadvantage is that a hole was left as a result of this, and as a result of all of the fighting and carnage.

But some followers talk about the Saiyajin named Ica, although she did not exist in the series or in the movies, but, according to several media, it was questioned whether her power level surpassed that of the Saiyajins.

Note: this is just a hypothesys based on the series.

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