This season of "The Voice" had two new coaches trying to be the big winner. Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys joined this season of the show and one of them were hoping to be the winner and tonight it was finally revealed if they pulled it off. Tonight it was between Adam Levine with Billy Gilman and Josh Gallagher representing Team Adam. Blake Shelton had country singer Sundance Head. Alicia Keys had 16-year-old artist Wé McDonald, and Miley Cyrus didn't have anyone make it into the finals this season.

Who was the big winner tonight on 'The Voice'?

It started out with the big announcement of who was in 4th place. This position went to Josh Gallagher with Team Adam. Blake had cut him earlier in the season, but Adam saved him. After that, they announced who was in third place this season. We McDonald was third this season. This left it between Billy Gilman and Sundance Head. This didn't surprise fans at all. Sundance got the big chance to perform with Kiss tonight and Billy got to sing with Kelly Clarkson on the finale.

This meant that Team Adam or Team Blake would be winning this season. These two are the only coaches that stick around every single season of the show. They have never taken a season off where other judges have taken breaks. Blake's girlfriend, Gwen Stefani will be back with them again next season.

Finally, the big winner of "The Voice" was announced. Fans had been waiting all night to hear who would take home the prize.

These two were standing on stage together obviously supporting each other. It was finally announced that the winner of "The Voice" this season was Sundance Head! This means that Team Blake Shelton was the big winner once again. Blake could not be happier and everyone can't wait to hear what Sundance does next!

Are you shocked to hear who won "The Voice" 2016? Do you think that the right person won?

Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts about the winner of "The Voice." You know that after all of the talent this season, you will be hearing from more than just the winner in the future.

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