Fans have been waiting on the big new of who won "Survivor: Millennials V Gen. Xl" This season put different age groups up against each other and was an exciting season. Finally, Jeff Probst revealed the big winner of this season. As usual, it was a three-hour finale. At the end, viewers got to see the reunion show.

Who won this season of "Survivor"?

The big finale had six people on it when it started but quickly was taken down to just one. The six that were left, were three from each team. It was Ken McNickle, David Wright, Bret LaBelle, Adam Klein, Hannah Shapiro, and Jay Starrett. David pulled a smooth one right away when he actually made a fake idol, and it worked.

Of course, this changed things up right away. David also won a competition and got to pick two people to go with him to a steak dinner.

Jay actually took this fake idol into tribal council and played it. Of course, this didn't save him and his votes would still count. Jay was shocked, but it was exactly what David was hoping for when he made the fake idol. Someone found it and used it, changing the entire game up. It didn't matter, though. David ended up getting sent home and not making it to the final tribal council. He did get the final question for final three who were up for the money.

When it was time to pick a winner for "Survivor," there was a clear winner this season. Adam Klein got every single vote and was picked as the sole survivor for this season.

Nobody was shocked by this news at all, and now Adam is taking home the one million dollar prize. Adam did reveal one thing that surprised everyone. He said he had applied to play Blood Vs. Water with his mother, but they didn't get on the show then. This surprised everyone. Hannah was ready to fight, but it didn't matter because she wasn't the one anyone voted for this season.

Are you happy with who won "Survivor: Millennials V Gen. X"? Do you think that they made the right decision by everyone voting for Adam in the end? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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