“The Walking Dead” is on tonight and here are “TWDspoilers for season 7 episode 7 “Sing Me a Song”. This episode takes us into Sanctuary, home of the Saviors, where Carl puts his life on the line to get revenge on Negan for killing Glenn and Abraham.

Jesus can’t save Carl

Jesus jumps out of the truck where he and Carl were hiding but will Carl make the jump too or stay on board to make his attack? Tonight’s episode features scenes fans of the graphic novels are bound to love since they’re straight from those pages.

“The Walking Dead” spoilers show that Carl never intended to jump off the truck and so he encouraged Jesus to go first. Jesus’ mission was done when he found the location of Sanctuary but will Jesus walk away and leave Carl to his fate?

Desperate Daryl tricked again?

Daryl is in increasingly rough shape being held as Negan’s torture pet. The last time he had a chance to escape, it was a setup and Negan threatened his life and he wound up with a brutal Savior beating. Daryl gets another attempt tonight to get away.

Someone leaves him a note, match, and a motorcycle key. These are means to escape but Daryl might not take the bait since the last attempt was a trick. Is he being punked again? “TWD” spoilers show Carl gets a glimpse of Daryl while at Sanctuary and it’s not pretty.

Father Gabriel counsels Spencer

Spencer is trouble waiting to happen but he’ll be dead by the end of episode 8, so don’t worry. Will anyone miss him?

On tonight’s “The Walking Dead”, Spencer talks to Gabriel about the hate he has in his heart for someone. That someone is Rick.

Gabriel defends Rick and his choices but Spencer’s mind is not open. He’s lost both his parents since Rick rolled into Alexandria and can’t recover. “TWD” rumors have it that he makes a play to take over Rick’s spot in episode 8 and Negan disembowels him. Not a pretty way to go.

Negan and Carl chill

Carl kills several Saviors to make it to Negan but he survives the attack. Negan likes Carl’s fire and gives him a tour of Sanctuary to show he’s not the bad guy Carl thinks he is. Negan thinks Rick is the villain. Negan shows Carl his harem of women but Carl isn’t impressed.

Negan wants to know how Carl lost his eye and wants to see the scars. We finally get to see Carl’s face!! Negan takes Carl to Alexandria and demands a tour of his home. That’s when Negan sees Judith. Rick gets back from a run and finds Negan bouncing Judith on his lap smiling wickedly.

“The Walking Dead” tonight is on tonight on AMC at 9 pm Eastern and it’s a supersized 90-minute episode.

Stay tuned after for “Talking Dead” when Chandler Riggs (Carl) will be on the couch.

Carl aka Chandler Riggs will be on Talking Dead on Sunday, Dec 4

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