“The Walking Dead” spoilers for season 7, episode 8, “Hearts Still Beating” which is the “TWD” mid-season finale, say that three major characters die, but whom? Here’s what you need to know about who dies, who kills them, why they died, and what to expect after these deaths. Also, Negan shaves!

Fat Joey bites the big one

Whenever they show you someone prominently but they’re not integral to the plot, you know a “red shirt” moment is coming and “TWD” spoilers say that Fat Joey is about to find himself toes up and dead as a door nail.

Why does he die, and who kills him?

Remember that note that read “go now” that was left for Daryl along with the key? Daryl decides to take the chance that he’s not being punked by Negan again and makes a run for it but Fat Joey gets in his way. Daryl kills the big guy and makes his getaway from the Sanctuary.

Spencer is totally gutless

Spencer is just a jerk and we all know it. Even Father Gabriel knows it. Spencer has shown himself to be gutless, but when he tries to take over Alexandria by sucking up to Negan, he will be, literally.

Negan sees that Rick is out working hard for him on a run while Spencer is running around the safe zone bad-mouthing him. Negan lets Spencer know that’s not the way to go, and disembowels the guy. Later, Rick has to put down zombie Spencer and that’s the last Monroe in Alexandria!

Olivia can’t last

Poor Olivia has been tormented endlessly by Negan, who called her fat, then offered to throw her a bone.

In season 7, episode 8 “Hearts Still Beating”, Olivia sits down to lunch with Negan, Carl, and Judith at Negan’s insistence. “TWD” spoilers say it’s not Negan who kills her.

Rosita stirs up trouble and injures Negan’s beloved bat Lucille, so Negan tells his henchwoman Arat to kill someone in retribution. Instead of killing Rosita, Arat decides to kill Olivia and shoots her dead. Arat has had it in for her since the numbers didn’t align during the armory raid.

Everyone else lives!

Olivia’s death will be hard on the Alexandrians but shot is better than beat to death with a baseball bat, so there’s that, but it’s cold comfort. No one will miss Spencer, not even his bed buddy Rosita. And as for Fat Joey, he seemed like a nice guy (for a Savior).

“The Walking Dead” season 7, episode 8, “Hearts Still Beating” mid-season finale airs Sunday, December 11 on AMC.

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