"The Walking Dead" season 7 hasn't exactly been moving at a fast pace, but each episode has been important in its own way. However, some "TWD" fans disagree and are disappointed with the slow storylines. According to an advance preview of episode 8, titled "Hearts Still Beating," everything is going to change on Sunday night. Be prepared for an evening filled with chaos and making up for the lack of action. Keep in mind that there will be spoilers ahead.

Multiple deaths in 'The Walking Dead' midseason finale

In the episode prior to a season break, it is customary that at least one character dies in "TWD." Sunday will be no different, Spoiler TV reported. In fact, more than one person is going to say goodbye in "Hearts Still Beating." There are a lot of theories on who will bite the dust, but one popular speculation is Spencer.

Father Gabriel is now a wise man

"The Walking Dead" fans didn't care for Father Gabriel when he first appeared on the television show.

However, that has changed in seasons 6 and 7. He learned to fight off walkers, protected baby Judith, and implied to Negan that Maggie Greene was dead. He also had some choice words to say to Spencer last week. It turns out that he will continue improving, saying some wise words in the next episode.

Maggie Greene the next leader of Hilltop?

For months, many fans have predicted that Maggie will become the next leader of Hilltop.

It was revealed in an advance preview that there is yet another hint of that. Gregory certainly isn't able to lead his community properly and only cares about saving himself. If the Hilltop wants to survive and even thrive, then Maggie needs to take over. It really isn't a question of if it will happen, but when.

Other 'TWD' season 7, episode 8 spoilers

As for what else to expect in "The Walking Dead' midseason finale, Negan will continue making himself at home in Alexandria.

Olivia cries, a game of billiards is played, and Michonne's plan doesn't go exactly as she expected. Also, Rick and Aaron will find some trouble when they venture into the water with walkers and a boat filled with bullet holes.

These may not be the most dramatic spoilers for "The Walking Dead." However, those that have seen an advance preview of the episode promise that everything will change. They also state that the midseason finale will make up for the previous episodes in season 7.

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