"The Walking Dead" TV show introduced fans to the comic book character Negan in the season 6 finale. Fans developed a very strong dislike from the first moments of the season 7 premiere, however. He came in and changed the "The Walking Dead" world as fans had known it and turned it into a strange place viewers no longer understood.

We know there will be a death in episode 8. Social media is ablaze with speculation over who gets taken out by Negan and why. Let's go through some of the rumors.

Could it be someone close to Rick?

Some have posted they expect it to be Carl. With his contract ending at the end of this season and his plans to attend college, it makes sense.

It would be a way to end his time on the show and make everyone hate Negan even more. That wouldn't play into the long term story of the comics, but an even better reason is that viewers have already lost too much with Glenn and Abraham. That is the kind of blow the execs know fans aren't ready for and would hurt the show in the long run.

Other fans speculate it could be Judith. We saw Negan holding the child while talking about killing Carl and Rick. Smiling and cooing the baby while saying such horrible things. He is obviously twisted but is he evil enough to give Judith's character the death she had in the comic books? Again, this isn't something fans are ready for. The death of either of Rick's children would send him over the edge and Negan would start an uprising in Alexandria, a place he is just getting under his control.

Is Spencer as gutless as fans think?

Now about Spencer. Talk about a useless character. He whines, he hates Rick, he is sneaky. Social media posts show that Spencer isn't a well liked character on "The Walking Dead."

Back to the comic books for what happens to the character. Spencer wants to overthrow Rick as the leader of Alexandria.

He takes his argument to Negan and delivers his case. His father was a great and successful leader of Alexandria, whereas he feels Rick is not capable of being a cooperative leader. Negan sees him for the snake he is and tells him he has no guts, and disembowels him.

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