Two weeks ago, Tara and Heath were finally featured in an episode of "The Walking Dead." Heath ended up going missing, so the majority of the episode focused on Tara. After being washed up on a beach, she discovered a new group of survivors, known in Robert Kirkman's comic books as Oceanside. Will they be seen again in "TWD"?

Oceanside's connection to Negan and the Saviors

During the episode, it was revealed that Oceanside was forced into an agreement with the Saviors. This was at their previous location.

Most of the men and older boys were killed during battle. One day, the survivors decided to sneak away and start new somewhere else. However, they were forever changed by what happened.

How the community stays alive

The survivors trust nobody and viewers cannot blame them. When Tara approached the community, they responded with violence. Instead of killing her right away, she was kept prisoner and then was asked by the leader to stay. Oceanside survives by keeping themselves hidden and killing pretty much everyone who dares to get near their group.

Why did Tara run away from her escorts?

During "The Walking Dead," Tara agreed to take two escorts with her back to Alexandria. Unfortunately, one was not the kind woman who saved her life. The two escorts did not have good plans for Tara and she knew it. However, this was not the main reason why Tara ran away. She couldn't risk bringing them back to Rick and the others. Like Oceanside's distrust of people, Alexandria has also learned that most survivors don't have good intentions.

The importance of Oceanside in 'The Walking Dead'

The main thing to remember from this episode of "TWD" is the mention of the Saviors. In one episode, Negan told Rick Grimes that he was everywhere. It seems that in a sense, this is true. He already has the Saviors forcing groups to produce for Negan. However, their reach goes beyond what anyone imagined.

Will the survivors be seen again?

It is rare to see an entire community only once in "The Walking Dead." They would need to serve their purpose in order to not be seen again.

It is logical to assume that Oceanside will be seen again in either season 7 or 8. Perhaps they will help Alexandria, Hilltop, and The Kingdom defeat the Saviors? Or maybe they will have some sort of interaction afterward? Fans will just have to keep watching to find out.

What are your thoughts on Oceanside and Tara's storyline in "The Walking Dead"?

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