"The Walking Dead" is about to air its mid-season finale and fans last saw Negan rocking little Judith on the front porch of Rick's house in a scene that can go just about anywhere when you tune in Sunday night. Rick is away gathering goods for Negan, something he must now do constantly to keep his flock alive.

While Rick gathers and hunts, Negan has the only two things by his side that matter to Rick, his baby daughter and teenage son, Carl. This can go a few different ways when you tune in again, and since it's Negan, the possibilities are endless.


Mid-season finale gloom and doom?

As Us Magazine describes, "The Walking Dead" has a habit of leaving fans with the feeling of gloom and doom at the conclusion of the mid-season finale right before its winter nap. Who can forget Sophia coming out of Herschel's barn and the look on all the survivors' faces as they knew what had to be done? It is this kind of scene "The Walking Dead" likes to leave their fans sitting with as they go on hiatus.


Baby Judith or Carl?

It looks as though the possibility of another mind-blowing situation is festering for mid-season's end, with the fascination Negan's developed for Judith. Not to mention him playing with Carl, who may or may not be falling for his charisma. With Chandler Riggs ready to head off to college, the demise of Carl may kill two birds with one stone. He gets to follow his college dream in real-life and writing his character out of the show can be easily done if he meets his death at the hands of Negan.

Somehow Carl has to pay

Carl held a gun on Negan and killed two of his men.

This madman has already shown what happens when you kill one of his Saviors. That is why Glenn and Abraham are no longer with Rick and his crew. But will Negan actually kill Carl or someone Carl loves to prove the point? This madman likes to let people know that he has the power to chose who lives or dies. This is a man who loves to see suffering, so to punish Carl he will either kill him or make him suffer, but how?

Carl too big, Judith too little!

US Magazine suggest the death of Carl is too big for a mid-season finale, they feel he is safe at least until the final episode of the entire season after the show comes back. Most would agree taking the life of Judith is just too sickening for even "The Walking Dead." While Negan has no heart, soul, or empathy for the human race, it is hard to believe that he would set his sights on killing a baby.


Big question for Sunday's episode

Who is going to die? This seems to be the big question going into Sunday night's mid-season finale. Did "The Walking Dead" set the scene for Judith to pay the price of Carl going rogue on Negan, or will Carl pay with his own life? Leaving Negan, Carl and Judith together on the front porch also seems to suggests Rick will come home from his hunting and gathering mission to find the three together.


Why won't Rick stand up to Negan?

Rick has to buck up and fight this guy, it is not in his DNA to be held a captive slave due to fear of repercussions, even death. Watching the interaction between Negan and his followers, it's not hard to spot that they fear him.

'Wizard of Oz'-like scene?

Could they have a "Wizard of Oz"-like scene brewing where someone kills Negan and then his followers hold that person as a hero? Remember when Dorthy's house fell on the wicked witch? Tune in to AMC to watch "The Walking Dead" on Sunday, December 11, at 9 p.m. EST to see just what road Negan will take!

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