Fans of "The Walking Dead" know the franchise has two parallel universes, that of the television show and that of the comics. Sometimes the universes relate to each other really tightly, and other times they have no bearing on one another. The comic universe revealed some big news this week, though, as it appeared a major character was killed, or at least on the verge of dying. Now, there are rumors the character's demise may be imitated soon on the show.

Death in the comics

In Issue 161 of the comics, Carl is battling in the Hilltop Mansion during the Whisperer War, which is up in smoke. Suddenly, the building collapses atop the young man as he looks for survivors from the fire.

Dr. Carson gives CPR to "The Walking Dead" character, but his efforts appear to be fruitless when the comic comes to an end.

The death in the comics wouldn't be as scary for fans of "The Walking Dead" if there wasn't reason to believe Carl may be on the verge of meeting his demise on the show. It's well-known that the actor who portrays Carl, Chandler Riggs, has been accepted to Auburn University and intends to attend beginning next year. His contract is also set to expire and his family has posted captions on social media suggesting the end for Riggs on the show is near -- the end for the character may be near as well.

Reasoning for and against the death

"The Walking Dead" has never been opposed to going with the shock factor to rile up the fanbase.

The creator of the show and the comics, Robert Kirkman, has a plan for the endgame of the franchise, so if Carl doesn't fit in that plan, there won't be any hesitation to kill off the major character.

At the same time, it's known that the ratings for "The Walking Dead" have fallen off this season and there's a popular sentiment spreading that Season 7 may be the weakest of the show so far.

Kirkman doesn't need to tie the show and the comics together if he doesn't wish to, and he must know that there's a risk involved in killing off another beloved character.

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