"The Walking Dead" season 7, episode 7 airs Sunday night on AMC. What is going to happen in the episode titled "Sing Me A Song"? A promo clip and a few sneak peeks have been released. They show Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) visiting Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) at the Sanctuary. Could the villain take Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) son under his wing?

Negan and Carl's relationship in 'TWD' comics

In "The Walking Dead" comic books, Negan and Carl have an interesting relationship. After Carl tries to kill him, the villain is intrigued and impressed by his guts.

Instead of killing the teenager, he kind of takes him under his wing. Eventually, Carl goes to the villain for advice, including asking him about girls.

Negan explains the Saviors to Carl Grimes

In a sneak peek clip for the next episode of "The Walking Dead," Negan and Carl are standing side by side. The leader is giving a lecture and explaining who exactly the Saviors are. Is this his way of trying to justify his actions to Carl Grimes?

Carl shows Negan his eye injury on 'The Walking Dead'

In another sneak peek, Negan and Carl are alone together inside a room.

The back of Carl's head is to the camera. However, it appears that he might be taking off his eye bandage. Is he going to show the villain his eye injury? Will he have their doctor do something about it? Or is it just out of curiosity?

Theories about Carl and Negan's relationship

"TWD" theories about Carl's relationship with Negan include the villain toying with the boy's mind. Another is that he will try to screw with Rick Grimes by convincing Carl that the Saviors are not that bad.

Perhaps Negan thinks by befriending the boy, he will find out more information about Rick and Alexandria. It could just be one big game to Negan, but he could also have ulterior motives for Rick's son.

What do you think is going to happen on the next episode of "The Walking Dead"? What kind of relationship, if any, do you predict Negan and Carl will have? Do you believe the AMC television show will mimic Robert Kirkman's comic books?

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