On "The Walking Dead," Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has made life a living hell for Rick Grimes, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln. The two certainly are not friends. It was assumed by fans that Negan was simply evil or hated everyone, including Rick. However, he has some interesting feelings for the leader of Alexandria. According to cast and crew interviews, Negan is "impressed" with Rick.

Negan's role on 'TWD'

Although Negan is considered to be a villain on "The Walking Dead," fans of Robert Kirkman's comic books don't necessarily agree.

He isn't a good guy either, but is simply too complicated, complex, and layered to describe in one word. On the television show, he kills a number of Alexandrians and forces Rick's group to provide for the Saviors. He is also intimidating, unpredictable, and demands loyalty and respect. However, Alexandria isn't like the other communities that are controlled by the Saviors.

Rick is famous in the apocalyptic world

Before season 7 began, it was teased by the executive producers that Negan was not the only one with a familiar name in the area.

People also talked about Rick Grimes, making him kind of famous in the area. Before the two met, Negan had already heard of Rick. This probably intrigued him a bit. Fans know that the Saviors were already spying on Alexandria. This was hinted to Carol (Melissa McBride) after she left the community and ran into some men on the road.

How Rick Grimes has handled the Saviors

Due to the events of the season 7 premiere, Rick decided it was not in Alexandria's best interest to fight back.

Instead, he chose to do what Negan demanded and risked his life to scavenge for the Saviors. However, the midseason finale proved to be too much. It was only then that Rick understood that being under Negan's control was not any kind of life.

Negan impressed with Rick Grimes

In a video interview with AMC Networks, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Andrew Lincoln spoke about the storyline. Executive producers Gale Ann Hurd, Scott Gimple, Greg Nicotero, and Denise Huth also had some things to explain.

One topic that was discussed included Negan's true feelings for Rick. It turns out that Negan is impressed with Grimes after seeing what he has created at Alexandria.

Rick's realization on 'The Walking Dead'

It is unclear if the storyline on the TV show will mimic the comic books in the second half of season 7. However, it seems that will probably be pretty close. When "The Walking Dead" returns, expect Rick and his group to plan an attack. As Andrew Lincoln said, Rick realizes that it is better to die on his feet than it is to live on his knees.

What do you think of Negan being impressed by Rick Grimes?

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