“The Walking Dead” mid-season finale is tonight and here are detailed “TWD” season 7 episode 8 spoilers for “Hearts Still Beating." Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens. This is the reveal of all the action to come on tonight’s December 11th episode – the deaths, the escape and more!

Negan plays house

Negan is still at Rick’s house hanging with Carl and Judith and playing man of the house. He shaves his beard and he and Carl cook lunch while they wait for Olivia to get back with the lemonade.

“TWD” spoilers say Rick is still on the run with Aaron. They survive a close call in the bullet-ridden boat and head back to Alexandria with some goods. Olivia comes back with the lemonade after a chat with Rosita and sits down to lunch with Negan and the kids. Rosita talks to Gabriel about killing Negan.

Hilltop and The Kingdom

“The Walking Dead” spoilers say we see The Kingdom where Carol is happily chilling in her little house. Morgan brings food and she takes it but kicks him out. Richard, Ezekiel’s second in command, stops by with a request.

He wants Carol and Morgan to convince Ezekiel to work with the other communities to take down Negan. Over at Hilltop, Maggie and Gregory face-off. Jesus is still gone and the community is chafing under Gregory’s cowardly leadership.

Death in Alexandria

Rosita has a last supper with Spencer then he goes to stir trouble.

He hangs with Negan and explains why Rick is a terrible leader and he’d be better. Rick comes back and sees Negan with Judith and is terrified. Negan tells everyone that Rick was working hard for him.

Negan says Spencer is playing dirty and turns a knife on the rat and disembowels him. Negan leaves Spencer there, guts out, he turns into a walker and Rick must put him down. That’s the last Monroe to die in Alexandria.

“Hearts Still Beating” doesn’t refer to Spencer!

Another death in ASZ

Rosita takes a shot at Negan and misses but hits Lucille. He wants to know where she got the bullet. First Rosita, then Tara take credit for making it but Eugene mans up and admits he’s the one that did it. Negan tells Arat to punish someone. Arat bypasses the three bullet conspirators and takes out poor Olivia instead. Negan takes Eugene back to the Sanctuary with him. He sees that Eugene is clever and wants to put him to work. Negan thinks he’ll have two Alexandrians now, but he’s wrong.

Death at the Sanctuary

Daryl gambles that the note and key are legit even though the last escape attempt was a set-up.

Daryl kills Fat Joey as he makes his getaway. Jesus is still lurking outside the Sanctuary and he and Daryl meet up to complete his escape.

Michonne is back from her joyride with the lady Savior. She and Rick kiss and make up and she tells him she saw the size of the Sanctuary and the number of Saviors. She says the odds are against them but they’re ready to make a plan.

“The Walking Dead” airs tonight on AMC at 9 pm Eastern.

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