"The Walking Dead" has been showing us bits and pieces of each sub-group so far this season. In episode 7 we got a chance to catch up with Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Heath (Corey Hawkins). This was their first appearance this season. Well, apparently some fans of the show were quite cruel and mean about the appearance of Tara. The trolls took to social media and began the list of criticisms. Alanna Masterson was too heavy, her boobs were too big, she looked bad. They were relentless.

What did McDermitt have to say?

It just so happened that Eugene (Josh McDermitt) had an interview with The Huffington Post and he didn't miss the opportunity. He quickly began to bully the bullies. He pointed out that body-shaming and bullying are wrong no matter what and shouldn't ever happen. He made a reference to a teenager that recently committed suicide over being cyber-bullied. As for Tara, he informed the fans that she had just had a baby in November 2015 and returned to filming for the 7th episode of the season.

Masterson took to Twitter to tell people her thoughts. She hopes that folks out there that hide behind their PCs, phones, and laptops just become better people and raise their children to be kind and compassionate. Body-shaming is wrong, and to criticize is unacceptable. She also points out that she was working 17 hour days filming "The Walking Dead," consuming the calories necessary to continue to produce milk for her baby and having to pump.

All in the Georgia heat while filming and doing her own stunts.

Are the social media companies responsible?

Josh was very heart-felt in his reaction to the body-shaming. He puts part of the blame on the lack of monitoring by social media companies. If the users of the services won't act like responsible human beings and be kind to one another, the social media company should monitor the activity and deactivate the accounts of the ones that are posting hateful and negative things about others.

This would mean some major changes for social media!

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