Jeffrey Dean Morgan was recently interviewed about his role as Negan in the popular zombie show “The Walking Dead.” He confirmed that he will definitely be on board for the upcoming season eight. When season seven opened, we got to see Negan brutally kill two fan favorites in the form of Abraham and Glenn. This was probably the most brutal TWD episode of all time and it seems Negan isn’t finished yet.

Since that episode, we haven’t seen much of Negan, but Morgan told Howard Stern in a recent interview that things are going to change in future episodes.

In fact, reportedly fans of the show will get to see him a lot. He told Stern that filming of season seven finished a week ago and that he will definitely be appearing in season eight. Speaking of coming episodes, Morgan said he will be “really big” in the next two episodes. In fact, he said he will be “f****g heavy” in those, so we can only imagine what is going to happen.

As mentioned by Polygon, fans of the comic version of “The Walking Dead” won’t be at all surprised that Negan will be around for a while.

Whether or not fans like him as a character, he certainly keeps the action going and it does make sense to keep him around.

Will another fan favorite in 'The Walking Dead' die soon?

Speculation has been rife among fans that yet another favorite character will be killed off in the show. However, a collective sigh of relief went up as Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) recently signed a new contract for season eight.

Even so, fans are still theorizing that Daryl might be killed off in the near future. Digital Spy quotes Reedus as saying that his character as Daryl is a “strong-willed animal” who will not bow down to Negan, especially after he killed his friends Abraham and Glenn. This could seriously make life difficult for the fan favorite as he tries to take revenge on the notorious Negan. He’s also, apparently, planning on getting rid of the unsavory Dwight.

As reported by Blasting News, there was also speculation that Chandler Riggs – who plays Rick’s son Carl – would be leaving the show. His father made the mistake of posting on Facebook that Chandler had finished his seven year contract with “The Walking Dead” and was about to start studying at Auburn University in Alabama. Since then, the post has been removed from Facebook and Chandler’s mother was heard to say that it was silly to think her son was leaving the show, just because his contract had ended.

We will now have to wait and see.

TWD currently experiencing low ratings

Despite all the excitement of Negan joining the show, “The Walking Dead” is currently experiencing its lowest ratings in years. Reportedly the latest episode saw the lowest ratings of the season and things have definitely taken a dip. Whether this is due to the seriously brutal start to the season, or the fact that episodes tend to be much longer these days, is not sure. However the zombie show is still one of the most watched on cable, so apparently AMC isn’t worrying too much at this stage.

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