Getting along with your coworkers and being civil when two parties don't get along is called being professional and mature adults. But for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, the newest villain on AMC's "The Walking Dead," being professional and mature doesn't help his craft. The tension the audience sees between Negan and Rick on screen starts off-camera. Morgan likes to get under Andrew Lincoln's skin on set.

“I know I’m doing my job the more mad Andy Lincoln gets,” says Morgan. “So if off-camera he’s screaming and swearing in between takes, I know me and Negan are doing our job and I’ve gotten him pretty riled up," Morgan said an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

According to Entertainment Weekly, anyone who has worked or visited the set of the hit show knows Lincoln gets a mood before the camera starts rolling. So if Morgan can get into Lincoln's head, that means the villain has tapped into Rick's head too.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan knows when to apologize while filming 'The Walking Dead'

So are Morgan and Lincoln real enemies? Not so fast. Morgan knows when enough is enough and makes peace with Lincoln in between takes. See guys he really isn't a bad guy. He says the process has been intense but fun at the same time.

'The Walking Dead' villain loves to play Negan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan expressed his love for the cast and crew. He says they have become a family on set and have embraced him---not so much his character. Morgan admits playing Negan can get exhausting but he is reminded each night how much fun is having on set. He says it's amazing to see the graphic novel come to life.

Morgan injured himself while filming 'The Walking Dead'

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Not for Morgan. The actor continues on with his bad self. Cast members shared a funny moment when big bad Negan was rehearsing and pulled a rib muscle. Lincoln tells Entertainment Weekly it was refreshing to see the big bad wolf in pain for once because if you've been following the series you know that Negan has inflicted plenty of pain.

The mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead" airs Sunday, December 10th on AMC.

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