The second half of the seventh season of ''The Walking Dead'' will premiere on February 12, 2017, but fans are already speculating on what it holds for each of the characters in the AMC series. One of those rumors involves Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Sasha Williams in the zombie drama. Fans believe that Sasha could leave the series, as Sonequa has also been cast as a lieutenant commander in the new CBS series, "Star Trek: Discovery." Undoubtedly, the series of ''The Walking Dead'' has been a series full of suspense, intrigue, and much bloodshed.

Is Sasha the next to die?

While Sasha does not exist in the comics of Robert Kirkman, she resembles a character called Holly, who died in the middle of the war in Alexandria against the Saviors. In the original story of ''The Walking Dead," during a battle against the Saviors, Holly offers to change places with the leader of Alexandria, and drive a school bus and crush it against the walls of the sanctuary (the home of Negan). After that, there is no news of her for a while, until she finally reappears as a walker.

The AMC series

In the series, after the death of Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), the decisions of Sasha are leading to a destiny similar to the one of Holly. For now, we will see her in the second half of the season, as the filming of this series has already concluded. But, will we see her in an eighth season?

Additional information

While there is still no synopsis for the ninth episode of the seventh season of the zombie drama, the video is quite eloquent about the next steps of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his group.

In the preview of the next season, Rick talks about the situations in which they find Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom. The three communities have something in common, they are being forced to serve Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). For the moment, this is everything we have about the second half of the season, however, there are many exciting plot points that will be revealed once "The Walking Dead" returns in February.

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