Remember when we were counting the months, the weeks, and finally, the days to finally discover who was killed by Negan? Well, it's incredible to see that almost two months have passed and tomorrow is the mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead." After that, we will have to wait two months to watch the beginning of the second part of this current season. If you watched the trailer for episode 7x08, you probably saw a totally destroyed Rick Grimes, by the end of it, and viewers could also hear the phrase "We'll lose everything."

What does this mean?

Rumors have been spreading around and the arrow is pointing at "death." We may see another important character die at the end of the mid-season finale, but who would it be?

Characters that may die:


We have seen this lady since the 5th season, and she has not done anything to make her character truly become a part of the group. In episode 7x07 she slapped the one and only Negan after she refused to have sex with him. This first sight of courage may be her last if Negan decides to make the Alexandria community pay the price with her life.


She and Michonne, are the only characters that are still planning to kill Negan. She almost forces Eugene to take her to the place where Abraham and he were going to start manufacturing bullets. Then she tells him that she only needs one to kill Negan. Let's see, Negan has an army and a bloody Bat, Rosita has one bullet.

This is not look good.


The last survivor of the "Monroe" family, according to him, his family died when Rick Grimes arrived with the almost dissolved "Atlanta Group." He tells Gabriel that he hates Rick and may want to kill him -- and we all know what happens if you mess with the ex-Cop if you are not Negan.

This would be the only character that would die at the hands of the "good guys" and not at the hands of Negan's army.


While many people may get mad at this, it is possible. Why? Because Chandler Riggs' contract with "The Walking Dead" is about to expire.

What's next?

In one word: uncertainty. This season, TWD has had the worst ratings compared to previous seasons.

Of course we are not counting the very first episode of the season that was the most watched episode after 5x01. So, what do you think? Who is dying in the mid-season finale?

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