"The Walking Dead" brood is in somewhat of a confusing set up with Negan calling all the shots. You see why Rick and his crew fear the guy, because they believe he has the strength of many behind him. What Rick and his group of survivors don't know yet is that Negan isn't a leader that's loved by his followers, he is a leader who is hated and feared.

Negan feared, not loved

The hold Negan has on the people in Rick's group appears to stem from the group lacking this knowledge. Alexandria is a divided town with some believing they should fight Negan and others, who are following Rick's lead, are letting Negan call the shots. Rick giving in to Negan's demands and becoming a work horse for the man has soured many fans of "The Walking Dead" lately.



You see Negan having Daryl treated horrendously, but he is having his henchmen do the deeds. They don't like doing this. Negan belittles anyone of his crew who happens to come into his field of vision, and he especially loves to use these degrading antics when he has an audience. It appears that most of his tribe actually hate the guy and do things for him only out of fear, like kneeling in his presence.

Rick ignorant to the fact that Negan is hated at home?

If Rick should kill Negan and put his head on a stake with a sign telling his followers they are all free, they'd probably hail Rick as a hero.

But Rick and the rest of his clan don't know that Negan rules by fear alone and not respect. They think all of Negan's crew has the evil mindset he carries around with him. This guy has killed their family members and taken the wives of the men in his camp, he is not popular. Everyone pretends that they like him, and not a soul will say anything against their leader.

'Signs of own morality'

According to USA Today, "The Walking Dead" is "starting to show signs of its own morality," as the ratings are dropping and the fans are slowly disappearing.

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If it continues on this way, this season could have the lowest ratings since the season that aired in 2013 during the spring. The ratings really started to drop recently, just after Glenn's death.

Door mat

Rick is appearing as a door mat for Negan these days and things aren't getting much better. Of course, Rick could still be in shock after seeing Glenn and Abraham beaten to a pulp at the hands of Negan. He may be just barely holding on to reality these days.

When last week's episode ended, Negan was in Alexandria with Carl. He didn't have any bodyguards or even a weapon with him.

Once people get wind of him being there alone and unarmed, will someone finally just kill him? Is this what is going to happen as soon as Rick comes home and sees this evil entity rocking his baby girl on his own front porch?

One bullet

Rick not killing Negan was because he feared retaliation from Negan's huge group of followers. But, there is one bullet with Negan's name on it that was made by Eugene at the insistence of Rosita. Will she become the hero on Sunday night's mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead"? Will Rosita attempt to do away with Negan?