"The Walking Dead" season 7, episode 7 aired last Sunday on AMC Networks. In the installment, Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) hitched a ride to the Sanctuary. His plan was to kill Negan, portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Although Carl did kill two of the Saviors, he hesitated when it came to pulling the trigger on the "TWD" villain. Why didn't he kill Negan and what did he learn while there?

Carl Grimes intended to kill Negan

In an interview with "The Hollywood Reporter," Chandler Riggs said Carl went to the Sanctuary with the intent to kill Negan.

However, when he had the opportunity to shoot, he didn't take it. One reason is because Carl's vision is not as accurate with the eye bandage. He would either have missed the shot or Negan would have hidden behind the Saviors. The other reason is because he realized that the Saviors have lives too and nobody else needed to die.

Negan impresses Carl in 'The Walking Dead

Carl Grimes has never seen someone with so much power and control before. He is in awe of the respect Negan gets from the Saviors.

"The Walking Dead" villain pretty much tells the teenager that he can have that, too. Negan was also able to get Carl's guard down by making him feel like an adult instead of a kid. Additionally, there was also the scene of Carl removing his eye bandage. He had always been ashamed of it, but Negan taught him to wear it as a badge of honor.

Remembering why he went to the Sanctuary

In another scene in "The Walking Dead," Carl is reminded why he went to kill Negan in the first place.

When he watched the character take a fire hot iron to Mark's face and melt the skin, it was a reminder for Carl. Alexandria will never get out from under Negan's thumb and the Saviors will always be in control. Even though Negan made Carl think he could be powerful and respected, too, Negan will always be at the top of the food chain. It was a moment of clarity for Rick's son.

What did Carl learn about Negan?

Carl is still a bit confused by Negan's behavior, especially since he bounces from offering fatherly advice to threatening him. However, he did learn that Negan has a weakness and he isn't able to bring himself to kill Carl Grimes. He also realized that Negan doesn't get true respect. The Saviors bow down and worship him out of fear, which is not the same thing as having real respect for a leader.

'The Walking Dead' midseason finale spoilers

Riggs revealed that a lot of things from Robert Kirkman's comic books will happen in season 7, episode 8. Many are predicting that at least one character will die.

Our theory is that it will be Spencer, played by Austin Nichols. In the comics, Spencer betrays Rick and goes to Negan badmouthing the Alexandrian leader. The villain responds by killing him. There are a lot of clues that Spencer's character is going in the same direction in the television show.

What do you think of what Carl Grimes learned from Negan in "The Walking Dead?"

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